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The key to a successful campus climate is a personal practice for everyone - Students, Administrators, Teachers, Counselors, Staff and Parents and building connections. I offer private, mindfulness coaching sessions as well as three, key workshops for staff developments.  We are able to tailor unique workshops for your staff dependent upon level of experience and engagement with Mindfulness and Social-Emotional Intelligence.

Contact us to receive a 30 minute free consultation for an overview of the best program or training for you as well as receiving the Pricing Brochure. 





Click image to Download PDF for General Overview of Trainings


  • Professional Developments

  • Classroom Demonstration

  • Follow Up - Core Team

  • Full Day Presentations

  • Principal Executive Coaching

  • Teacher Coaching

  • PTA Presentation

  • Mindfulness Consulting

  • Campus Transformation


Click image to Download PDF

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