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Socially Engaged Investing makes a powerful difference in children's lives. In this day and age of toxic stress, our Mindfulness Education, Social and Emotional Intelligence programs as well as creativity workshops support students in having positive, practical tools for successful living and thriving.  Your tax deductible donation  (EIN 2527977) also supports the training of Teachers, Counselors and Principals in social and emotional intelligence skill sets. Thank you for making a difference in someone's life.

Veronica has reached 1,000s of students weekly since September, 2014 at the following Elementary schools - Victor H. Hexter, Alex Sanger, Bayles, Ben Milam and Solar Preparatory School for Girls as well as presentations at Booker T. Washington School of the Performing Arts.  Professional Developments for teachers, Administrators and staff have been successfully offered.


Literally, sitting in a circle on the floor, teaching these amazing Mindfulness practices, Veronica engages heart to heart, eye to eye, soul to soul.  She is a well loved, respected Peace Educator with a long term vision of walking these kids through their entire education process cultivating Mindful Leaders.  At Victor H. Hexter Elementary, the first ever Mindful Leader Award was presented to eight - 5th graders ( two per class) in May, 2018. Every morning, the student announcement team anchors the entire school in a Mindful Minute.  Every class receives mindfulness skill sets and leaders are cultivated.  Lunch time begins with five minutes of  Mindful Eating against the backdrop of calm music.  PTA meetings open with a student led Mindful Minute.  Students drop by the Mindfulness Room to reconnect, calm and get back into their learning groove. 

Teachers have benefited from one on one sessions along with the students.  Veronica brings in a well-rounded, unique approach to providing Social-Emotional Intelligence skill sets that also include Nonviolent Communication, The Connection Practice, and Restorative Justice practices.

Support us in the goal of reaching $100,000 for facilitating "Mindful Moments: Peace Tools In Schools" to 1,000 children  in the 2019-2020 school year.  We are creating a Pilot Program at Robert T. Hill  Middle School and Bryan Adams High School. With your generous support, we will continue Professional Development for Principals and Teachers in East Dallas, offer workshops for parents.

Check out the new SECULAR website for the schools and tune into and engage in some of the Practices - www.peacetools.wix.com/mindfulness.

Be a part of the Creative Solution cultivating Mindful youth leaders.

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