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Mindful Moments: Peace Tools In Schools


Our main program is the Direct Services of Secular Mindfulness Skill sets for students and staff offering positive, science based, secular, effective tools to cultivate compassionate life skills for understanding and managing thoughts, energy and emotions, clearer communication, resiliency, kindness, empathy, and cultivating responsible decision making for successful, joyful learning and thriving.  We are supporting the cultivation of a generation of mindful leaders.


The techniques encompass Mindful Breathing, Listening, Walking, Eating, Body-Sensory-Emotions-Feelings Awareness, Basic Brain Science and cultivating Compassion, Gratitude, Kindness and Empathy while fostering healthy relationships.  All are anchored in the CASEL competencies for Social and Emotional Learning (


Since 2014, we have offered the program as a Community Partner (volunteering our services) in East Dallas schools (Victor H. Hexter Elementary - former Primary school -as well as Alex Sanger Elementary, and Bayles Elementary) reaching  700+ students weekly from preK -through 5th grade and currently serving at Solar Preparatory School for Girls at James B. Bonham Elementary and Solar Preparatory School for Boys at the John F. Kennedy Learning Center (serving 600 students weekly). Thousands of students have received these life-enhancing skill sets for their well-being and educational success as well as 100s of teachers.


Currently,  the program is focused on Solar Preparatory School for Girls  as well as Solar Preparatory School for Boys for the 2023-2024 school year as well as offering trainings and Professional Developments for Educators in this embodied approach to mindfulness that facilitates a healthy campus culture, success and thriving in learning.

Presentations and pilot programs have also been presented at Ben Milam Elementary Schools, Booker T. Washington School of the Performing Arts, the 2018 Bryan Adams Collaborative at Hexter Elementary, Bryan Adams High School, White Rock Library, the Family Place, Comerica Marketing team and the Ronald McDonald House.

Sacred Living is a Vendor for the Dallas Independent School District.  


Community Building

Working directly with schools, we partner with local churches, businesses and artists to provide healthy food donations for sustainability for families.  We also collect schools supplies and other necessities for students working directly with the school's Administrative team.

Meditation & Writing Workshops

We provide opportunities to learn and practice meditation for adults as well as writing workshops and retreats to support health and wholeness.  Join Veronica at her "Big Living Magic" workshop where she weaves the wisdom of creativity from Elizabeth Gilbert's "Big Magic" with Mindfulness practices.  She also offers "Spiritual Groove Camp" - learning the art of Affirmative Prayer through Meditation, Affirmations and Treatments (Positive prayers). 

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