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Socially Engaged.  Compassionately Connected.

Peace Tools In Schools & Communities


Providing Peace Tools In Schools.  Cultivating a generation of Mindful Leaders. Providing Positive tools for thriving.  Empowering children to live compassionate, connected and creative lives thriving in peace. Secular programs offering social-emotional intelligence skill sets in support of students, teachers, Principals, Counselors and parents.


Moving through the complexities of life in a world running on empty, we offer an inspirational oasis through deep spiritual teachings, meditation workshopsl, creative-collaborative events and more.  We are here to support you in your prosperous, healthy, sacred living. We draw from ancient wisdom and modern, spiritual teachers.



Mindfulness is not a curriculum, it is a way of life. The key to a successful Mindful campus or business is a personal practice.  We can cultivate  skill sets that enhance personal connection, interpersonal communication, healthy conflict that resolves in conscious agreements to transform the landscape and culture of your school or business.

The Art.....

Peace is an inside-out art. art of Sacred Living.  In a fast paced world where outer technology dominates our senses - we are passionate about offering "inner technology" programs such as "Mindful Moments: Peace Tools In Schools" (secular Mindfulness) to support children in present moment awareness of their thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as cultivating heartfulness practices such as kindness, gratitude and compassion.  We also offer retreats and workshops for adults.


Conscious communication is a key to peaceful living. Teaching children to connect to their feelings and needs as well as insight provides a process that builds inner resilience and "solves conflict nonviolently."  By offering practical tools, we empower children to live connected, compassionate and creative lives thriving in peace and prosperity.  Our mantra - "Kids living as kids, loving life and leading with their dreams." 

For adults, it is time to reconnect with the magical view of life we experienced as children cultivating the wonder and awe of living from the inside-out.  For those who did not have such a childhood, we guide you into healing and wholeness to rest in the moment of your personal, inner power, attuning to inner peace as your GPS - Gratitude Power Service.

Through practical tools for positive living, we believe in a world that works for everyone.


9540 Garland Rd, Suite 381-171

Dallas, TX  75218

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