The key to a successful campus climate is a personal practice for everyone - Students, Administrators, Teachers, Counselors, Staff and Parents and building connections. I offer private, mindfulness coaching sessions as well as three, key workshops for staff developments.  We are able to tailor unique workshops for your staff dependent upon level of experience and engagement with Mindfulness and Social-Emotional Intelligence.

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  • Professional Developments

  • Classroom Demonstration

  • Follow Up - Core Team

  • Full Day Presentations

  • Principal Executive Coaching

  • Teacher Coaching

  • PTA Presentation

  • Mindfulness Consulting

  • Campus Transformation


Mindfulness 101-  “A, B, C’s of  Mindfulness” OR “The Basics”


Discover the Basics of Mindfulness in this introductory workshop.  With an overview of the core competencies of Social and Emotional Learning, a simple understanding of neuroscience, and engaged mindfulness practices focused on awareness, attention, breath and compassionate connection, you will experience practical, simple, fun techniques to begin a personal practice as well as skill sets to incorporate in the classroom.


  • An introduction to Mindfulness providing an overview of the core competencies of Social and Emotional Intelligence.

  • A brief overview of neuroscience – Brain Basics – understanding the roles and relationship of the amygdala and Pre-frontal cortex.

  • Practical, fun, simple techniques to utilize daily for yourself and within your classroom.

  • Experiential practices focused on the A, B, C’s of Mindfulness - Awareness-Attention, Breath-Body and Curiosity - Compassionate Connection.

  • Simple strategies for Mindful Living.


Mindfulness 201 -  “C3 - Cultivating Compassionate Connections – How to transform your Campus Climate and Culture”


Behind every interaction and conversation are feelings and needs that are either being met or unmet in either skilled or unskilled behavior.  “C3- Cultivating Compassionate Connection” provides experiential processes for embodied mindfulness. In fun exercises, we will fine tune language, discover the energy behind your thought processes, patterns and presence, refine your intention in your daily engagement, support an emotionally safe environment for your students and staff and transform the campus climate and culture through compassionate connections.


  • A deeper dive into Mindfulness focused on clarity, connection, communication and compassion.

  • An experiential workshop that activates the Pre-Frontal Cortex, place of logic and executive function, with simple tools and engages mindful awareness around intention and presence as a leader.

  • A basic understanding and practice of Nonviolent Communication – connecting with self and others.

  • Heartfulness as a powerful, positive tool for Campus Climate and Culture.


Mindfulness 301 - "The Art of Feeling"

A simple understanding of our feelings and emotions supports our well-being as well as creates healthy environments for learning.
Being able to identify and name a feeling as well as paying attention to where the emotion lands in your body is a powerful point of awareness.  In this workshop, we dive into the basic framework of thoughts, feelings-needs, emotions and how to manage them mindfully.

  • An introduction to identifying feelings and emotions and the thoughts that fuel them.

  • Befriending our mind and experiencing simple freedom with our thoughts.

  • Basic Brain Science to understand what is happening in your body.

  • Learn to name and tame the emotions in a healthy way without bypassing them.

  • Cultivate the skill sets of awareness, attention and intention.

  • Practical tools for self-management, empathy and equanimity.